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To make our life better, we need better product, so SMA provide.

1.Human Resource Management System

2.PM 2.5 Control Technology:

3.Property Management System:

4.Indoor Air Quality Control Equipment

5.Energy Saving System

6.Environmental Impact Assessment:

7.Cloud Computing system:

Sustainability Management Association Co., Ltd. (SMA)

Registratered in Bangkok, Thailand

1.Human Resource Management System

Amazing Human Resource Management System S-HR from interin:entering the vender.

2.PM 2.5 Control Technology

PM2.5 Control Association: PCMA.

Control Technology : enter CT.

Monitoring technology: enter MTC.

3.Property Management System

Taiwan Institute of Intelligent Building Association: enter.

Taiwan Institute of Property Management: enter.

June Sun Digicom: enter.


Build Information Management System:BIM/3D: enter.

Facility Management: enter.

4.Indoor air quality control equipment

Indoor Air Quality Association: enter.

Sick House Inspection Association: enter.

Indoor Air Quality Association, Inc. (IAQA): enter.

5.Energy Saving System

6.Environmental Impact Assessment

7.Cloud Computing system

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